Botanical since 2016

Stengun Drawings is a botanical design company that offers a collection of greeting cards and Giclee prints.

Stengun Drawings combines Caroline Stenning's love of flowers with a passion for art and design. The name is a moniker given to her at art school based on her surname, Stenning, and has stayed with her through her 10-year career working as a fashion stylist in London.  

Each print is made using an original acrylic painting, created by Caroline at her East London studio. The vivid backgrounds behind each bloom and blossom are rolled by hand, while the botanicals themselves are inspired by trips to some of Caroline's favourite places both home and away: Kew Gardens, the Barbican Greenhouse, Amsterdam and Hawaii. The diversity of these inspirations means her subjects range from the flowers you'd find in an English country meadow to tropical plant life and her continual field trips ensure the work is ever-evolving.