A weekend in Oxfordshire discovering the various conservatories and hothouses at the Oxford Botanic Garden. Finishing with a stay at Mollie’s Motel.

One of London’s newest and coolest tropic gardens. We visit as often as we can.

Blown away by the the Incredible mix of tropical rainforest and traditional English kept gardens.

Fantastically cool studio and garden, minimalism personified. We’d love to live here.

Day trip out west to visit London’s grandest glasshouses and vast kept gardens. Magnolias where the stand out inspiration of the day.

Our original favourite, always a a great Sunday spent at the Barbican Conservatory.

The more temperate of Edens biome’s. Wonderful collection of old and twisted Olive tree’s.

Wonderfully small Georgian glasshouse tucked away behind some ruins in Ramsgate.

Amsterdam’s famous Agave inspired one of our first designs. Here it is before it flowered. We slept at The Voltshotel.

Our discovery visit to Oxford Botanic Garden in the grip of Winter’s beauty.

Truly stunning scale and variety of tropical plants. Eden’s humid biome could easily inspire an entire collection.